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Depression – An illness that needs to be discussed!

It has always been a taboo to discuss various aspects of mental health. In recent years, a much needed dialogue on mental health has started, at least on the virtual space, with an increasing number of celebrities speaking up about their own life experiences however there is a lot more which has to be said and discussed.  It is the time when everyone knows about depression, and more importantly what it is not. Depression is not a state of mental well-being where you can choose to be in or be out of it. It is important to understand that...

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Two ways to determine whether a website is responsive or adaptive

Sometimes, it can become tricky for determining which mobile configuration a site is making use of. However, there are several methods to discern adaptive and responsive sites. Most search engine optimization professionals are aware that there are three main techniques for serving mobile website content – separate mobile URLs, responsive design and adaptive design (also known as dynamic serving) While it is easy to determine separate mobile URLs just by having a look at the address bar of your browser. It is pretty obvious to understand that determining the difference can be tricky for many. Reading further might help...

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Mobile repair Bangalore online – Get your cell phone repaired at doorstep!

Smartphones have taken the world by storm. Easily available, people from all walks of life use them to stay connected to the world.  Cell phones have transformed the life of people all over the world. Being a gadget, cell phones too need repair in case they are damaged. Irrespective of the fact whether you have  a broken screen, water damage or charging problem, you can get your device repaired by simply visiting one of many  mobile repair shops in sp road Bangalore. It is often that instead of buying a new mobile phone, it is much better to get...

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Certificate Attestation – Are you shifting to a gulf country?

If you have either got an admission or job in gulf country then you better start with document attestation procedure. Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to document and certificate #attestation in order to obtain visa. The first thing that you need to do is find out information related to certificate attestation for Oman and certificate attestation for Saudi Arabia, as per the place you will be visiting. It is understandable that most people are unaware of the formalities of document attestation. This particular segment finds it extremely challenging and difficult to complete the...

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A few characteristics of the Ransomware

The latest spin on a ransom is not related to the letters clipped out of a magazine or newspaper. In the recent years, criminals are relying on advanced methods to attacks your PCs and data through a malicious software known as ransomware. Is not it exasperating when your PC is sluggish due to the presence of a virus? However, what is virus encrypts your data so you cannot have access to it or install some pornography on your screen? It is often that Ransomware attacks often rely on these tactics. There are some key characteristics which set Ransomware apart...

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