Seven tips to avoid excessive yawning

Does it happen to you often that even after sleeping for a good ten to twelve hours a night, you keep yawning throughout the day? This can happen at the time of giving a presentation to your boss, while dating a girlfriend or even when giving an interview. Trust us, these are not the stories. This condition is known as excessive yawning and can happen to anyone of us.

Yawning is a natural process. However, when you start yawning excessively then things become embarrassing, particularly when you end-up yawning at the wrong situations. If you are also going through the same situation then we bring to you some tips that can save you the embarrassment of yawning, rather excessive yawning.

Take a power nap! It can work wonders!

It is important for people to understand that not all body occurrences are related to health problems. The reason for yawning can be the tiredness and lack of sound sleep. All you need to do is take a power nap of twenty to twenty-five minutes and then resume the task you were doing.

Have cold foods and sip cold beverage

Starting from simply a cold water of bottle to cold coffee, ice water or iced tea, anything would help you prevent yawning at a given point of time.  Further, you can also choose to munch cold foods such as yogurt, cucumber or watermelon. Experts suggest that cooling the body temperature can curb a yawn.

Press the Adam’s apple

Adam’s apple refers to the small bump right at the front of your neck which is formed by the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx. When you press this area gently, it suppressed the yawns. However, make sure that you are careful while doing so.

Humor can help you get rid of yawning

Laughing can be highly effective when it comes to stopping yawning. You can look for funny jokes and memes, funny videos or read something interesting. It often helps to overcome excessive yawning.

Take a walk at regular intervals

Sometimes, sitting at the same position for a long time can cause boredom and fatigue. You can avoid this by taking short breaks, chatting with friends or going for walks. Is not easy to do it?

Deep breaths always work

Inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth. When you inhale air from your nose, your body gets more supply of oxygen. It is said that low levels of oxygen also leads to yawning.

Right body posture

When you slouch comfortably on your desk, more pressure is placed on your lungs and that pressure is exerted from the body in the form of yawning. So, make sure that you sit in the right posture. It will help you avoid the embarrassment of yawning throughout the day.

Lastly, it is important to know that excessive yawning can be consequential to vasovagal reaction. In case, you find no respite from any of these tips, consult a healthcare professional to find out whether excessive yawning is related to any heart condition or not.