Hoe stay-at-home dads contribute to the family?


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Change is the only constant. This is evident from the fact that society has changed drastically in the last few years. Men are taking over the roles that were considered a taboo until a few years back. One thing has emerged out of fluid gender roles is the prominent concept of stay-at-home dads. Not many might have heard about it, but it is the most talked and discussed concepts of the recent times. Also known as SAHD, it is an embodiment of a housewife, whereas the working mother concentrates on her professional life.

For those who believe and think that housewives are a weak, dreary and archaic concept should better give it a second thought. It is wrong and I strongly disagree with it.

Men who choose to be stay-at-home dads are setting the new goals and new definition of masculinity.

Give up their career to take care of the child

The concept is clear that SAHD does not turn his back on the basic fundamental responsibilities of life. Some parents prefer leaving their kids at a reputed day care, there are others who want familiar face around their child. This is exactly the time when either of the parents decides to quit the career and stayat home with their children.

If the father makes this decision and wants his wife to focus on her career, then it is just the perfect solution. Saying that does not mean he should quit his job completely. He can freelance from home while taking care of the kids and the home.

They help in bidding adieu to the patriarchy concept

India is one country that has been known for patriarchy rule. Since we can remember and look back, patriarchy rules the roost. However, with stay-at-home dads concept gaining momentum, we can see the break in this patriarchy. The concept of being equal is now the talk of the town. With fathers taking care of kids during the day, they see nurturing in a completely different way.

What’s more?The kids start learning equal responsibilities at a very young age and they do not look up to their dads as the only breadwinner in the family. Their upbringing sets a message that both women and men have a powerful role in society.

They set new gender roles

Until a few years back, this concept would have considered odd, however, today is not strange rather acceptable. As mentioned above, gender roles are now changing and men and women alike understand and accept this change.

SAHDs are yet another example of changing gender roles. They break the age-old barrier. With more and more moms heading to work and dads taking up the responsibility of home and kids, the change in the society is visible.

SAHDs are gaining support from all walks of life. Without even a single doubt, they are the superheroes who break the shackles of age-old Indian mindset and let their wife achieve new milestones in life. They do not think what society will say about them. They are proud of contributing for their kids and home.

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