Five Ayurvedic Drinks for Healthy You!


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Staying fit and healthy is the key to enjoy life to the fullest. Knowing the right blend of the ingredients that can help you make the most of life. Undoubtedly, having regular exercise and a healthy diet is a must however along with it, some basic Ayurvedic drinks enhance your overall health. The wondrous and miraculous benefits of Ayurveda are known to all and sundry. 

Have you ever thought about why our forefathers were naturally healthy and had strong immunity? Spices and herbs have used for centuries for treating several ailments and diseases. Soaking the herbs in water only enhances their healing power. If you want to prepare herb-infused water, all you have to do is soak some herbs in a glass of water and leave it overnight and drink it in the morning. Drinking such herbs-infused water can keep you fresh and healthy. Include these five Ayurvedic five herbal drinks in your morning routine and have a blissful life.

Tulsi Water: Tulsi is a part of every Indian household. It is one plant that is widely known for its medicinal properties. The antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties of Tulsi helps in preventing cold and fever and is good for hair and skin. Drinking Tulsi infused water thrice a day can help in curing acidity. Many people believe that chewing Tulsi can help in getting rid of sore throat, toothache, and headache. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of Tulsi help in lowering inflammation, and the possibility of developing heart disease. 

Triphala Water: Triphala, as we all know, is traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is a blend of three dried fruits – Haritaki that is Terminalia Chebula; Indian Gooseberries that is Emblica Officinalis; and Black Myrobalan. Because of its several health benefits, it is considered a polyherbal medicine. Drinking Triphala infused water helps in curing acute constipation problems and promoting longevity. There is more to it, this concoction is of great help for those trying to reduce weight.

Coriander Seed Water: We all know coriander is used for cooking and adds a distinct flavor to the food. Coriander seeds are loaded with antioxidants that help in promoting heart health by decreasing the blood pressure-lowering the presence of cholesterol levels. This type of water also helps in managing diabetes and relieving the symptoms of arthritis. Also, coriander seeds infused water contains essential oils and fatty acids that help in digesting food. 

Cinnamon Water: Packed with antioxidants, cinnamon can help in protecting the body from oxidative damage triggered by free radicals. It also helps in reducing the blood sugar level by lowering the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. It has anti-inflammatory properties that act a shield from infections. The best way to gain maximum benefits from cinnamon is by soaking it in water overnight and drinking it in the morning. 

Fenugreek Water: The benefits of fenugreek are known to all. They are used in cooking and can be found in every kitchen of the country. Though they are slightly bitter, this particular is packed with medicinal properties and can treat several health issues. Fenugreek seeds have anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. Including fenugreek infused water in your morning routine can help you boost immunity, promote digestion, lose weight and control blood sugar.

So, what are you waiting for? Include these healthy Ayurvedic drinks in your morning routine and stay fit!

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