How To Run So One’s Breast Didn’t Decrease in Size


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This is some of Murphy`s law that the first body part of losing weight is not the stomach or hips but a beautiful magnificent chest. Girls do not want this part of the body to decrease in size, even even though running is quite tricky for full-breasted. Is it possible to run, but to maintain the beauty of the chest?

Of what a female breast consists of?

Female breasts are 90% of adipose tissue. That is why it decreases so quickly in size if a woman started the process of losing weight. The chest protects the mammary glands from injuries, and temperature changes and is also a reserve nutritional warehouse when feeding a baby. So that in case of a calorie deficit due to a poor diet, a woman does not leave her child without food.

The size of the fat layer of the breast does not depend on the total amount of fat in the body. Thin women may have a small mammary gland and a large “fat” on their breasts, while a full one may have a small amount of fat around the gland. This feature depends on genetics, and not on proper nutrition. Cruel axiom is, the larger the fat layer of the breast, the more the breasts of the novice runner will lose weight.

The perfect option is when a fragile girl gets big breasts by inheritance. In this case, it most likely will not decrease either because of the diet or because of the run – genetics will not allow it. It will just be necessary to work hard to maintain its beautiful shape.

But not only has the beauty of the breast depending on the fat layer. There are individual elastic ligaments inside the mammary glands that penetrate the breast and support it. These are Cooper’s ligaments, which are responsible for the shape and tone of the chest, which can lose elasticity under the influence of age, lack of support for the chest (right underwear), and active physical exercises – mainly running and jumping.

Rules to help runners “keep breasts.”

  • Well, support garments. These must be special sports bras. Do not go for a run without such an undergarment!
  • Betting on protein foods that stimulate collagen production. It is needed to strengthen muscles and increase tissue elasticity. You can drink protein shakes to help synthesize collagen skin fibers.
  • Do strength-training. Thus, pumping the chest will not work, but it will be in good shape. There are no muscles in the chest. Therefore, even if you do bench-press of 200 kg, the chest will not increase, but the body – yes.

Strengthen the muscles around your chest with special exercises. For the beauty of the breast, they should always be in good shape.

Exercises for a beautiful chest

Do push-ups. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder level. Push up from different surface levels – from the floor, table, and wall. So you use the various muscle groups that support the chest.

The prayer exercise provides a good effect. Fold your palms in front of your chest, as you would in prayer, and press them so hard that your chest muscles are tight enough. Count to ten and move your hands’ centimeters five forward, count to ten again, then forward and count to 10 still, until you can hold your palms together. After that, shake your hands and repeat the exercise two more times. At the same time, attention should not be focused on the palm, but on the chest. The chest muscles should always be as tense as possible.

The bench press is the exercise, which provides with the highest-impact on the muscles responsible for supporting the chest. Lie on a bench or the floor, take dumbbells in your hands, and keep your hands near the chest. Tighten your chest and lift the dumbbells straight up, lower, and immediately lift again.

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