Importance of certificate attestation for foreign Travel or Employment.

As we all know studies abroad are in trend nowadays. Since overseas studies are affordable and offer top-class education in advanced studies; many people from India choose other countries to enhance their qualifications and career growth. Every country in the world requires its visitors to follow some rules when they apply for a visa to get entry into their country. Attestation of Educational certificates is a strict rule that every traveler needs to follow properly. To get admission to a School/University in another country, completing an attestation for your Educational certificates is mandatory.

HRD Attestation

HRD or Human Resource Development (HRD) Department Attestation is the legalization procedure for your Educational certificates by the State Ministry. The HRD attestation procedure helps to verify the credentials of your Educational before the government of the Traveling country. This procedure helps to use the certificates in an overseas country legally for any international purpose. All the certificates should be in the right order and need to be accurate to be eligible for this process. If the certificates are found fraud or duplicate, there can be critical consequences and the documents will be considered null and void.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Department attestation is an authentication from the Indian State authorities of the issuing state of the certificates. Only after the HRD attestation the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and respective Embassy/Consulate of the Destination country can attest the Educational certificates to prove their authenticity and legitimacy for International use.

Completing HRD attestation in Delhi, Mumbai, or Chennai is difficult and hectic. One has to run from place to place to get it complete. In India, several attestation agencies provide certificate attestation services to all the general people. These attestation agencies are authorized by the MEA, India to provide attestation services in an easy and hassle-free way. They can complete the attestation procedure correctly and without any error or mistake on the applicant’s behalf. They know every detail of the legalization procedure and are capable of getting an attestation from every concerned department in the minimum time possible.

The HRD attestation is a State HRD attestation, which needs to complete the only in the issuing state of the certificates. All Educational certificates require verification from the Education Department of the School/University/Board/Council where they belong first. After the Education Department verification, the University will send the certificates to the MEA for further attestation. It also requires pre-attestation from the Regional Notary to get an HRD attestation to complete the Regional attestation. Then only, the HRD department of the issuing state will attest the certificates for the State attestation. 

HRD Degree attestation is a real illustration of the originality of that specific certificate. An Educational certificate like a Degree certificate is an Educational document and has details of your Educational qualification. Attesting a Degree certificate will prove its genuineness while using the certificate to get a job or admission to a University/School overseas. It will enhance the credibility of the certificate in another country and getting a job or admission will become easy for you.

Types of Educational certificates are Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, HSC, SSC, School Leaving certificates, Mark Sheets, and others.

HRD Attestation Procedure

To complete an HRD attestation procedure for Educational certificates, you need to get Notary verification first of all from the local Notary. Then, the Administrative/Educational Department of the issuing School/College/University/Board/Council of the certificates verifies them and forwards the certificates to the HRD Department for HRD attestation. Then finally, the certificates will get the HRD Department attestation.

Only after a successful HRD attestation procedure, the MEA and respective Embassy of the traveling country will legalize the certificates with their authentic stamps and signatures to validate the certificates as valid for overseas use.

HRD Attestation Procedure:

  • Notary Attestation
  • Education Department (School/University/Board/Council) Attestation
  • HRD Department Attestation

HRD attestation is the process of authentication of Educational certificates for International purposes. You will require this attestation for proving your Educational qualification before the government of the Travelling country when you apply for a job, admission, residency, or business establishment in an overseas country.

For HRD attestation documents required validation only on the original copies of the Educational documents. Make sure to submit the Original certificates, Photocopies of the Passport, and Authorization letter, for the attestation procedure from the HRD Department of the issuing state. The company or the school/university that you are going to join in a different country may ask you to submit your Educational certificates along with the necessary attestation stamps. It will prove that everything you have stated regarding your Educational qualification is true and you are a genuine person.

For a genuine attestation procedure, you need to understand the procedure correctly. You must know, for successful completion of the HRD attestation procedure, only the HRD Department of issuing state of the certificates has the authority to provide legalization to the Educational certificates. For example- if you need HRD attestation in Hyderabad, the Telangana HRD Department will validate all the Hyderabad-originating Educational certificates to prove their legitimacy and authenticity with their authentic sign and stamp. Then only the attestation procedure moves forward to get an attestation from the MEA and Embassy in India.

Requirements of HRD attestation can be for Visa formalities, Higher Education, Job, Work Allowance, Migration, Trading, Start/Expand Business, Change of Designation, Change of Visa Repute, etc. in other countries.

The HRD attestation fees and the processing time depend upon the document, its issuing state, and the traveling country. The attestation service fees are different from agency to agency and state to state in India. It takes 5-7 days to complete this procedure, but, since it involves various authorities to complete an attestation it can also take a longer time.

Hiring attestation services is the best option to complete an attestation procedure from the HRD Department and other authorities in the minimum possible time. The HRD attestation for Educational certificates is an essential procedure to follow for a visa for the traveling country. Several attestation agencies provide simple and quick services for HRD attestation in India. They have professional attestation agents who are familiar with the procedure completely and can provide error-free and on-time services for all your attestation requirements. You need to hire a genuine and certified attestation agency that can provide excellent services for HRD attestation for Diploma certificates and other Educational certificates in an easy and lawful manner.

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