MEA and HRD attestation – A Quick Introduction

Documents and certificates of all types and categories need proofing of some kind. This could be needed in different places in different ways. One thing is for sure – issuing a piece of paper is easy however it needs some credibility to be authentic. For instance, currency note – it has high significance because of the print on it. Any type of paper becomes genuine with a signature or/ and stamp on it.

Document and certificate attestation can be defined as the authentication of documents that necessary for several purposes. Attestation in India is of different types – sometimes it is required for serving the local purpose whereas, at other times, it is mandated from the highest level of authority like the central government. Attested documents provide some kind of immunity to be accepted not only in different parts of India but also abroad. here  you will get to know about HRD and MEA attestation in Delhi, Mangalore, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad or elsewhere in India,

MEA attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs or the MEA attestation is all about obtaining a verification stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs department of the government. This particular department of the government is responsible for dealing with the external affairs of the country that is anything related to foreign nations thus when you look for attestation in India, it is mandatory to verify your certificate and documents from this ministry. Once your documents are verified by the MEA, they are further submitted for attestation from the embassy of the country you want to visit.

HRD attestation

HRD that is Human Resource Department plays a crucial role in the process of document attestation. This department is responsible for attesting educational documents and certificates. No matter which country you want to go to, you have to obtain an attestation stamp from the HRD. HRD attestation is carried out for documents and certificates like degree or diploma certificate. It is the legalization process performed for proving the genuineness and authenticity of the documents.

Along with these two types of certificate attestation, there are other government departments involved in the process of certificate and document attestation. The best way to get documents attested is by counting on the services provided by attestation agencies.

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