Understanding the Essentials of Apostille and Attestation: A Complete Breakdown

People who are willing to immigrate to another country are usually unfamiliar with the difficult necessities that foreign governments expect. All of the necessary certificates and documents, which are going for use in a foreign country, need legalization/attestation/authentication for worldwide approaches. Attestation of the certificate is one such requirement that will provide acceptance of the certificate for use in numerous overseas necessities. The attestation needs to complete in the Home country and from the country you are planning to travel to.

What is Certificate attestation and Apostille attestation in India?

Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation is a procedure to validate the credentials of a certain certificate as authentic and legitimate to use the certificate for overseas functions. This procedure is essential for travel to any other country. When a person travels to another country for career, education, or migration; certificate attestation is mandatory to obtain a visa. For example, if you complete an Educational certificate attestation it will validate all the credentials of the certificate and show the legitimacy and authenticity of the applicant and the certificate before the overseas government.

Apostille Attestation

When an individual is traveling to a country, which is a member country of The Hague Convention Agreement of 1961; then, the traveler must complete an Apostille attestation for his or her Educational and Non-Educational certificates and documents before using those overseas. This procedure is known as Apostille or MEA attestation for certificates. It will show the authenticity and lawfulness of the certificates and their holder before the overseas officials. For example, completing the MEA attestation in Hyderabad will validate the authenticity and legitimacy of the Hyderabad-originating certificates before the officials of the Hague country. An Apostilled certificate is valid in all of the member countries of the Hague Convention Treaty.

Certificate attestation and Apostille attestation, both the procedures play an important role in legalizing the applicable certificates in India. When you are planning to move to overseas with Indian certificates, this is mandatory to undergo the appropriate legalization procedure before submitting the certificates in another country. It is an obligatory requirement to have the correct attestation before using the certificates to obtain a visa, job, education, or residency in the traveling country.

Whether it is an Education certificate attestation in Mumbai or a Birth certificate Apostille in Chennai, the preliminary attestations for both procedures will be from the Regional Notary and applicable authorities of the issuing State Ministry according to the type of certificate. The types of certificates for attestation are Educational certificates (Degree, Diploma), Personal certificates (Birth, Marriage), and Commercial documents (Company Contracts, Invoices). After getting the Notary and State validation, the MEA will legalize the certificates for overseas use. However, if the traveling country is not a member country of the Hague Convention, then, after the MEA, the respective Embassy of the traveling country will attest the certificate to validate its authenticity.

How to obtain MEA attestation in Chennai?

People got confused between Certificate Attestation and MEA attestation in Chennai. Where both strategies are essential to affirm the credentials of a certificate to make sure of its genuineness and legitimacy, MEA attestation Chennai is only required if the traveler is traveling to a Hague member country. After getting an Apostille attestation from the MEA, an Embassy attestation is not necessary. This procedure validates all the Educational and Non-Educational certificates that you need to use in a Hague country.

The MEA attestation Chennai is the procedure to validate the Chennai-issued certificates from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India, which is a Central Government Department that handles the foreign matters of the country and validates public documents for foreign use. The procedure requires pre-attestations from Regional and State authorities from the issuing state to get the MEA attestation. This procedure is necessary when you are going to travel to a Hague member country for any personal or professional motives.

India is a Hague country and to travel to another member country of the convention with Chennai certificates, you have to complete an Apostille or MEA attestation Chennai. According to the Hague Convention Agreement 1961, an Apostille attestation from one Hague country is legitimate only in the other member country of the Convention. The agreement affirms using the Apostille for confirming the genuineness of certificates to get higher education, better jobs, set up businesses, or immigration. The MEA attestation is a procedure to have the seals and signatures of concerned authorities that confirm that the precise documents are genuine and are issued by competent government officials.


Whether it is an Educational certificate attestation or Birth certificate Apostille the procedures of legalization rely upon different factors like the type of certificate, its issuing state, and destination country. Where Apostille requires primary verifications from the Regional Notary, Issuing State Ministry, and MEA; Certificate Attestation needs additional attestation from the respective Embassy/Consulate of the traveling country in India and also from the MOFA in the Destination Country.

Example- To obtain a Marriage certificate attestation in Mumbai, the procedure needs verification from the local Notary first from Mumbai, then, the Maharashtra State Ministry will validate the certificate according to its type. Then the next validation will be from the MEA and the respective Embassy of the Traveling country. However, the Apostille attestation in Mumbai for a Marriage certificate requires getting the Notary, Maharashtra State Ministry, and MEA attestation only to complete the legalization procedure.

To validate Educational certificates, Education Department (school/college) and Human Resource Development Department (HRD); and for Personal certificates, the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department of issuing state are the applicable departments for the legalization procedure.


If you are looking for MEA attestation Chennai, you need to submit all the original certificates along with other documents such as original certificates, passport Copy, and govt. ID proofs to the relevant authorities to complete the procedure.

Irrespective of whether you require a Birth certificate attestation in Chennai or Apostille, the procedure is long and difficult and requires hiring professional assistance to complete it properly. The legalization procedure needs to follow the guidelines of the traveling country; the attestation services have in-depth knowledge of the Attestation and Apostille procedures and can complete it for any type of document easily without causing any hassle or delay. The attestation agencies are experts in providing smooth, convenient, and affordable services in India for your visa and attestation requirements.

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