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NEW DELHI: As the case tally of the new variant of Covid-19 variant Omicron in India touches 200, South African Medical Association Chairperson Dr Angelique Coetzee on Tuesday said that most patients in her country recovered from the variant with a simple and an easy line of treatment.
Dr Angelique Coetzee, the senior doctor who first identified the variant, said that the line of treatment for Omicron patients is “quite easy”.
“We start immediately after the diagnosis with low dosage cortisone and something like ibuprofen to help with the muscle pain and headaches and that’s it. That’s what we give. There’s nothing else. There’s no oxygen, not even antibiotics required,” she said.
Briefing about the symptoms associated with the variant as it reaches the fifth week of its outbreak, Coetzee said, “Most of the cases reported so far manifest symptoms like body aches, headache, tiredness.”
“They may or may not have a cough; it is mostly dry cough with a sore and scratchy throat. According to a recent study, it affects the upper respiratory tract and doesn’t affect the lower airways like the delta variant,” she added.
Omicron was first detected in South Africa in late November. The World Health Organization designated it a “variant of concern” due to an exceptionally high number of mutations.
Despite the new wave of travel bans on Africa, the new variant has since been detected in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

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