How to legalize certificates and documents in India for UAE?


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The United Arab Emirates, UAE, has been always a dream country for ex-pats for living a healthy & rich lifestyle, magnificent schooling, and interesting professional opportunities. Many people travel UAE to fulfill a personal or professional motive. They need to apply for a Birth Certificate Attestation to get a UAE visa. It is a necessary condition to move to the UAE. Birth Certificate Attestation is a legal procedure each individual has to follow. This procedure lets you get an academic or employment possibility inside the country.

How to obtain an Indian Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE and why it is required?

Among the entire legal documentation procedure, the Birth certificate is one of the important certificates which are essential for education and jobs inside the UAE. If you are an Indian and looking to move in or outside the country, getting an Indian Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE is an obligatory condition. Meaning of Attestation is getting verification of your Birth certificate from particular departments and the Embassy of UAE in your Home country and MOFA in UAE. There are different types of documents that necessitate attestation – Academic, Personal, and Commercial.

A Birth certificate comes under the class of Personal certificates. It contains vital information like the name, parent’s name, Date of birth, place of birth, name, and place of the issuing department of the Birth certificate, etc. Through the attestation, the credentials of the Birth certificates are verified by the issuing State, Central Ministry, and Embassy officials. The MEA- Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India is the main authority that handles attestation. MEA attestation in Delhi, India is a mandatory step to legalize your Birth certificate from the Home country. This will prove the Birth certificate and its owner legit and genuine. This will also prove the truthfulness of your purpose of travel.

The procedure for Indian Birth certificate attestation in UAE is as follows

  • Notary Verification
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department Verification from the Issuing State of the Birth Certificate
  • MEA Legalization, India
  • UAE Embassy/Consulate Legalization, India

The rest of the procedure for Indian Birth certificate attestation in UAE will be performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE only to legalize the certificate. This will make the Birth certificate legit and authentic and ready to use in other countries.

The Indian Birth certificate attestation in UAE has diverse steps, which might be lengthy and quite complex. Not getting an attestation stamp on certificates is one of the reasons for the rejection of a UAE visa. Before filing your Birth certificate to the Indian MEA and the UAE Embassy for attestation, make sure the content material of your Birth certificate needs to be crystal clear to readable. This procedure needs to be done on your original Birth certificate.

To get an Indian Birth certificate attestation in UAEthe MEA offer attestation services through their legal attestation agencies to the attestation seekers. This action is to cease boundaries between the applicants and authorities. These attestation agencies can provide quick and dependable attestation services to their clients for every type of certificate attestation in UAE. They verify your Birth certificate carefully before submitting it to the relevant departments for attestation/authentication/legalization. To avoid inconvenience they do minor corrections if needed to prevent any delay in the attestation procedure.

How to obtain the Commercial certificate attestation for UAE and why it is necessary?

Commercial or Business Documents are a fundamental requirement of any Business company. Several business documents have purposes like export and import documentation, transport documentation system, trade finance documents, and many others. With the developing number of marketers internationally and the growth of business globally, Commercial documents attestation has emerged as a need.

Commercial certificate attestation for UAE is necessary at the time of performing business transactions with UAE and also for the business visa approaches. It is also essential for the expansion of your existing business or setting up a whole new start-up in UAE, partnership with a company or to sell the company, and for many other reasons. For this procedure, the stamp and signature from the Chamber of Commerce personnel and the MEA officials need to be done before the UAE Embassy attestation.

The procedure of obtaining Commercial certificates attestation for UAE

Chamber of Commerce (COC) Authentication

MEA, India Legalization

UAE Embassy, India Legalization

The commercial documents are categorized into four kinds on the basis of their requirement within the UAE. They may be classified as follows: 

Type I Commercial Documents

To expand the Business Company or open a new Company Branch

  1. Memorandum Of affiliation
  2. Article of association
  3. Enterprise Profile
  4. Incorporation Letter/employer Incorporation
  5. Board decision 

Type II Commercial Documents

For Manufacturing and Production

  1. Bill Invoices
  2. Coverage certificates
  3. Import License
  4. Letter of credit score 

Type III Commercial Documents

For Business Visa

  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Authority Letter
  3. Chamber of commerce certificate 

Type IV Commercial Documents

For Trading

  1. Power of lawyer
  2. Shareholder agreement
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreements

The Commercial certificate attestation is a sensitive task and requires the vendor to understand the attestation system thoroughly. The Commercial documents are legal and can’t be compromised.

To complete the Commercial certificate attestation various attestation agencies offer exceptional services, you get to avail of legal and hassle-free services with effective & on-time delivery at a completely reasonable fee. They have teams of attestation agents who’re well versed with this procedure and can complete it on your behalf successfully.

What are the attestation services charges and completion time?

Whether you need services for Personal, Academic, or Commercial certificate attestation, the times of completion and service fee for the attestation procedures are different from state to state and agency to agency. It relies upon the type of certificate you require the attestation for, issuing state of the certificate, the Destination Country, and additional requirements of the traveler. 

If you are looking to hire a genuine attestation agency that can assist you with moving to the UAE, you can find several of them with the help of a web search. Many attestation agencies offer the best attestation services in India. No matter if you require Birth certificate attestation in Delhi or Degree certificate attestation in UAE, these agencies can complete any type of certificate attestation from anywhere in India and abroad for any type of certificate.


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