Role of Embassies and Consulates in certificate attestation for UAE.

Traveling overseas is a fashion today that gives an upward push to the requirement of certificate attestation services to all Visa applicants in India. Like many other countries, the government of UAE also requires visitors to follow all the rules to obtain a visa. Complete certificate attestation for Academic and Personal certificates is a mandatory rule to obtain a UAE Visa. All the applicable certificates need to get an attestation from the UAE Embassy/Consulate in their Home country to affirm the legitimacy of those certificates for use in the UAE.

What is UAE Embassy certificate attestation?

The UAE Embassy certificate attestation is a manner of validating the genuineness of the certificates before use in the UAE. It is a legalization procedure that validates the information of a certificate as legal and true when you are using that certificate in a different country. The UAE Embassy certificate attestation is a procedure of getting the legalization stamp on the certificates from the UAE Embassy situated in the Originating country before using those certificates in the UAE. The attestation system needs attestation from the Home country and the Destination country both.

How to get UAE Embassy attestation in India?

Completing the UAE Embassy attestation in India is a multi-level procedure and involves several government authorities in India and UAE. The first level of the UAE Embassy attestation system requires Regional verification from the local Notary. Then, for the State verification, the Ministry of Issuing State verifies the certificates according to their type. Then, for the Country attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India will provide the attestation to the certificates. Then only, UAE Embassy/Consulate in India will legalize the certificates with their stamp and signatures and forward the certificates to the MOFA in UAE for further attestation.

Then finally, the certificates will get the MOFA attestation in UAE, which will prove their authenticity and lawfulness for use in the country. Getting an attestation makes the certificates valid to use in UAE for any international purpose. The system of certificate attestation involves various government departments. Every attestation level is mandatory to complete an attestation technique. The main authorities that attest the certificates are the Notary, the State Ministry, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Department, the UAE Embassy/Consulate in the Native country of the certificates, and the MOFA department in UAE.

To get UAE attestation services in Delhi or in anywhere in India, it will be convenient to approach the attestation services for easy legalization of your certificates in any part of the country. Whether you need an attestation in Delhi or Mumbai in India, it is an indirect procedure and needs a complete understanding of all the details thoroughly. They are experts and well-experienced in the field and understand all the ins and outs of the attestation procedure. These attestation agencies can assist you to attain a complete attestation for your Personal and Professional documents easily in the shortest possible time.

For Document attestation for UAE in India, numerous types of certificates and documents require attestation. The types of certificates and documents are Academic certificates, Personal certificates, and Commercial documents.

  • Academic Certificates are Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, Mark Sheets, SSC, School Leaving certificates, and others.
  • Personal Certificates are Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Single Status certificates, Medical, PCC, Divorce certificates, and others.
  • Commercial Documents are Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Memorandum of Articles, Product List, Company Invoices, and others.

How to get UAE attestation in Mumbai?

The system of certificate attestation for the UAE is the same in every State and city in India. If you require UAE attestation in Mumbai, the procedure requires the State attestation from Maharashtra State Government according to the type of certificate, and then only, the MEA and UAE Embassy attestation can take place. All the certificates need authentication from their respective issuing State’s Ministry. This will prove the certificates as original and ready to use in the UAE.

Whenever you require UAE attestation in Pune, Mumbai, or anywhere in Maharashtra, the certificates require proper legalization from all the concerned departments. Several attestation services are available in Mumbai and all over Maharashtra to provide the best attestation services for all the Mumbai-originating certificates. They have expert attestation agents who can complete the procedure on the candidate’s behalf without their presence in the issuing state.

How to process UAE attestation in Bangalore?

To process UAE attestation in Bangalore, following the attestation procedure according to the document’s type is mandatory. The procedure of UAE attestation mainly relies upon the issuing state and certificate type. All the Bangalore-originating certificates and documents require State authentication from the Karnataka State Government. Only then the MEA and UAE Embassy can legalize a certificate as legit. 

Academic Certificates Attestation

The procedure of certification completely relies upon the type of certificate you require attestation for. If you require Degree certificate attestation for UAE in Bangalore, the procedure of Academic certificate attestation needs to be followed. Under this, the Education Department (School/University/Board) and the Human Resource Development (HRD) Department authentication from the issuing state is obligatory to obtain the MEA and UAE Embassy attestation.


  • Notarization
  • HRD & Education Department Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

Personal Certificates Attestation

If you require UAE Embassy Marriage certificate attestation, the procedure of Personal certificate attestation needs to be followed. Under this, the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM)/ General Administrative Department (GAD)/ Regional Authentication Center (RAC)/ Home Department authentication from the issuing state is obligatory to obtain the MEA and UAE Embassy attestation.


  • Notarization
  • SDM/GAD/RAC/Home Department Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

Commercial Documents Attestation

For UAE Embassy Attestation in Karnataka for Commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce attestation is obligatory.


  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

The applicants in search of certificate attestation services for the UAE can reach out to any of the attestation services in India, which are the trustworthy partners of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and can take care of all the UAE Embassy attestation requirements. You may require a UAE attestation of your certificates, to get a job, higher studies, visa, migration, or expand your business in the UAE.

Genuine and reliable attestation services can complete a UAE Embassy attestation as fast as possible easily, effectively, and at a reasonable fee. These services are available throughout India to provide UAE Embassy attestation in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and many other places.


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