Top Six SEO Trends 2020


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Online competition continues to increase. With new websites being launched at a rapid pace, It is, perhaps, high time to give a second thought to your online marketing strategy and invest in SEO tactics that can help you conquer this tough competition. It is a must for websites to meet specific requirements set by search engine giants such as Google, and this is exactly where SEO strategy plays a key role. 

Here we bring to you six SEO trends that would keep your online business at the top. Let’s explore these trends.

Add video content to engage customer attention and better conversion
The addition of video content is going to be one of the top SEO trends for the year 2020. Video marketing has the power to make your existing customers stay tuned and draw the attention of potential customers. The elements of great video content are the situations that can be linked to the audience and the storyline of the incidence. 

Mobile Indexing will top the SEO trend
Getting started from the year 2018, mobile-first indexing got flagged wherein the sites along with their versions of mobile were welcomed together. Being rich with the content of high-quality, AMP version compatibility is a must for a website that looks forward to surviving this highly competitive era and beat the competitors. The significance of mobile SEO has gained importance in recent years to expand the business and reach out to customers. 

Quality content for the snippet
If you wish that your content should top the list then you need to know some of the key points. This is possible only if you set a pattern that the Search Engine follows:

  • Good Meta Description
  • Monitor and check the relevancy of the heading matching with the SEO title and content
  • Make sure your brand is included in the SEO Title
  • Proper usage of keywords
  • Follow the guidelines of the search engines
  • Set up the structure data with proper standard
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest updates rolled out by the Google

Provide relevant data that can help your audience
As per the recent Google Algorithm Updates, it has been found that keyword stuffing or usage in the content will not help in bringing good rankings and conversation. At present, it has been found that the search engines like Google are looking to deliver the relevant message and information to the right set of audience. 

The loading speed of website pages
All it takes is a fraction of seconds to catch the attention of online visitors. Being short on patience, they cannot wait even for a few seconds to wait for a website page to load. So, do not make your customers run away from your site’s slow speed instead try to optimize the loading speed of the website and its performance. Check and resolve elements such as FID (First Input Delay), Time to Interactive, Speed Index, FCP (First Contentful Paint), Estimated Input Latency and First CPU Idle that would help in improving the loading speed of the page generating better outcomes. 

Nascence of Voice Search Strategy
Voice Search Optimization has become the talk of the town since its launch. With the prominence of the chatbots and artificial intelligence in the main domain, voice search is the newest and latest entry in the SEO trends. Clubbing up examples from real-life voice searched such as Siri, Google Home, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Amazon Alexa enhances the overall experience of the user. 

After following these tips, you can follow the standards and the Structured Markup that Google and other Search Engines look for on a website. Following the right SEO trends in 2020 can help your business reach new heights. 

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