Latest features of iOS 12 Update

Latest features of iOS 12 Update


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The fancy of iPhones seems to be spreading among all and sundry. We all know that iOS 12 has been official rolled out to devices, it is just the right time to know about its some of the best features. It was only recently that the new operating system was pushed out to the end users. It is available for iPhone 5C or higher variation and the 2013 iPad or higher version of devices.

Once you have updated your smartphone with the latest operative system, there are a few important things and features you need to know. While some features are available across the board, some features are exclusive and limited to some devices.

Screen detox

Smartphones are no less than an addiction. We are addicted to the devices. The iOS 12 allows the users to track the apps that they use often. You can find the “Screen Time” in setting. You can set limits on the use of some apps and also schedule DND features to snooze the notifications.

Shared AR

As a part of the ARKit 2, it is now possible for the users to play AR games and use other apps related to AR on other iPhones. For instance, you can now simultaneously play games with your partner because of the two devices have the similar AR generated environment. This is actually a nifty tool for kids and home planners. Kids can do a lot more than ever before with their iPhones and iPads.

Measure Objects

New versions of iPhones already come up with the support for augmented reality. Now the same feature can be used to measure objects. A new app known as “Measure” has been introduced that makes it easy to measure the objects. All you have to do is tap the ‘Plus’ button and start measuring the environment.

Siri Shortcuts

This new feature is now available on iOS 12. It allows the users combine app functions into one Siri command . for instance, If you have to tell Siri to take you to home then with the Shortcuts app, you can follow that command with Siri automatically messaging or texting your family that you are on the way to home.


With this update, the Animoji feature has been expanded with more precise face tracking. Also, there is an additional ability to create an Animoji from your own face. In simple words, it allows the users to make cartoon version of their face that can be used later for recording voice and animations. You can sent these animations through shared app on the social media platforms or iMessage.

Group Face Time Video Calls

Well, this is one features that has not been rolled out yet. Soon to release to the end users, this feature allows you to make video calls up to 32 people at a given point of time.  In addition, you can also use Memoji and Animoji. The feature is expected to release in to the market some time soon, however, it has already created a lot of buzz among iPhone users.

With so many interesting features, iOS 12 is sure to make your life a lot easy.


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