Four Ways to Beat Monsoon Stress

These are some ways to show stress the door. Incorporate these tips and get set ready to enjoy the season of rains.

The monsoons have arrived and gripped the entire country. Is it true that you find yourself dragging to the car and drive all the way to the office? Do you stressed and sad? Is the fear of taking public transport gives you pangs of jitters? Do you find yourself hunting for excuses to go to work as soon as it starts pouring? Is the question of basic survival in the rainy season haunts you? Well, if you answer affirmatively to all these questions then you are letting the horror of stress and anxiety to affect your health and dictate your life.

Nothing but stress is one of many worst habitats that most of us inculcate. Something as basic and essential as driving to work can stress you. Well, stress by itself is unessential and the worst aspect that triggers a host of health issues and complications such as a headache, heart disease, anxiety and several more ailments.

We honestly think that it is the right time to gives the boot and gear up to enjoy monsoons by just following the steps mentioned below.

Accept the weather

First thing first, you can moan and groan, but cannot avoid it. Given that monsoons date India four months a year, the best way to deal with Monsoon Blues is by embracing and accepting the season.  Instead of greeting those raindrops with a grumpy face, accept them as no matter what, it will rain. Make sure you take thirty minutes before when starting for office because with rain, comes traffic chaos and jams. Also, find out about the alternate routes. And, if you take public transport then sixty minutes is what you should give yourself.

Invest in noise cancelling headphones

No matter how much you like a lively office, decibel levels, sometimes, can be exasperating

And annoying especially when you have tried maintaining calm and composure on your way to work.  Worry not as you can easily avoid this situation by investing in a noise cancelling headphone. Such devices not only blocks unsavoury mayhem but also lets you boost productivity levels. After all, productive you is happy you.


If you do not meditate then it is just the time to get started. There are different types of meditation methods such as The Art of Living, Vipassana, Om Meditation, among many others. Choose the one that works best for you and the meditation that appeals the most to you. Once you have chosen the meditation technique, get yourself enrolled for the formal training and start meditating daily. Not will you find yourself at peace but also the chaotic trip to office will not be as bad as it might be.

Plug in your favourite  music

There is something unique about music, isn’t it? It transports you to a different realm altogether, puts you at peace and uplifts your mood. As a matter of fact, if music were to overcome stress, it will serenade it out of your life.  It is just the right time to plug in the music you like and make that tiring and the chaotic trip to work calming and melodious. Choose a genre that takes your stress away. However, studies conducted indicate that listening to classical melodies is the best way to beat the stress.

These are some ways to show stress the door. Incorporate these tips and get set ready to enjoy the season of rains.

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