Four carbohydrate foods that help in muscle building


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Have you thought what contributes to the weight gain process? Followed by fat, carbohydrates are the second macronutrient that triggers weight gain. However, this is not at all true because it is your total intake of calorie that determines weight loss or weight gain. As a matter of fact, carbohydrates can help in putting on some serious muscle mass when coupled with adequate intake of protein and training. In you increase consumption of calorie while maintaining surplus calories from healthy and clean source of carbs then you can be assured of building muscles like never before.

Listed below are some of the good and clean sources of carbohydrates that must be a part of your muscle building diet regime.

Sweet Potatoes

Yet another great source of carbohydrates that is meant for lean gain are sweet potatoes. Also, they make for the favourites when it comes to pre-work out food items. Given that it is a carb dense food, you can have some insane pumps in the gym if you choose to consume sweet potatoes right before the workout. They score low on the glycemic index, thus the energy that they provide is sustainable for relatively longer duration.  In addition, they are a good source of fibre and helps in maintaining the insulin levels.


Undoubtedly, oats are the healthiest of the whole grain under the sun. when you think of building muscles and browse through the diet plan of a famous body builder then you will find oats as a staple in their diet regime. Oats comprise of 66 percent of carbohydrates of which approximately 11 percent is dietary fiber. They are one of the best source of soluble fibre. Have oats in breakfast and rest assured you will feel full until the lunchtime. In addition, they also help in maintaining a stable insulin levels. When it comes to low GI food, oats are the best example and they play an important role in the muscle building process. They are a great source of some protein, carbohydrates and zero unhealthy fats. They are calories dense food. No doubt, oats are just the perfect food to begin your day with.


It is one of the healthiest food you can count on. It comprise of nearly 25 percent carbohydrates. Quinoa has the similar carb content as rice and barley. When it comes to glycemic index, it is low on it at GI score of 53 making it a great source of carbohydrates that do not increase the insulin level too. Its high satiety factor, low GI index and high fibre content together make it the perfect food for any lean muscle diet chart. Because it contains no gluten, Quinoa is a blessing for those who are allergic or intolerant to gluten.


Have you ever thought which is the most underrated food items? Beetroots! Do you know that a cup or bowl of raw beetroots comprise of 15 grams of carbohydrates made of fibre and sugar. With such a high quantity of carbs, they make for a great source of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins too. Also, they are high in nitrates that get converted into nitric oxide in the body. There is no doubt that beet juice has been used since ancient times for enhancing physical performance. You can include them in salads or sip and enjoy it in the form of beetroot juice.

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