Wondering how to bid goodbye to blackheads?


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Let’s face it – men are superficial groomers.  They do wash their face almost daily, use body washes, without worrying which brand is on the shelf, use moisturizer of better half or momma, trim their nails and sometimes use sunscreen too, with low SPF, unfortunately. Yeah, that’s all! That’s all what they do to keep them looking good. They proudly call it a grooming regime. Here goes the main point – a lot more than this, much more than this, goes into healthy skin. This also includes elimination of acne and it’s hard to go away cousin, blackheads. And, when it comes to pore-induced skin problems, the truth is, they are easy to tackle. For instance, blackheads, they can be eliminated by following simple everyday routine tips. Also, they are prevalent in men because they have oily skin than their counter part. However, before you succumb to your impatient and irked behavior, let us start with understanding what blackheads are and how they are formed.

First thing first, blackheads hail from the family of acne. They derive their name from the color black, however you might be wondering how? When skin pores get clogged because of the presence of dead skin cells or excess sebum, a bump appears – for now, let’s call it head. And, when air escapes through it, the melanin present within the pores oxidize and turns black.  That is exactly how your face is bestowed with the dear friend, blackhead.  According to science, they are found in the oiliest areas of your face, and around and in it – they can also be found on some parts of the body. However, that’s just information, what about removing them? Read on…   

Exfoliate as much as you can

You might think that dirt and oil produce blackheads. Well, you are wrong! In most cases, it is your own dead skin cells that trigger the production of dead skin cells leading to blackheads. Do yourself a favor and exfoliate your skin daily.

Salicylic Acid

Even in this era, men wash their faces with water and soap. For those starters, the first thing you need to do is change your habit. Invest in a face wash that is just meant for oily skin, and oily skin, that comprise of blemish-fighting components such as salicylic acid. How about investing in a Bombay Shaving Company’s Face Cleanser? All you need to do is turn around packaging. The thumb rule is opting for mens face wash and not just any face wash. In comparison to products meant for women, face washes for men will not dry your skin. Thus, they would facilitate dead skin cell shedding and unblock pores.

How about a facial?

Well, those who think that facials are only meant for women need to think again. Even you will admit of thoughts of getting a facial done. The idea of getting a facial done can do wonders to your skin. It is refreshing and helps you get rid of blackheads. There are several products in the market – all you gave to do is throw away sexist pride and add one to your cart.

Along with these, make sure you buy a moisturizer that best suits your skin texture. Moisturizing skin daily is equally important to keep it healthy.

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