Depression – An illness that needs to be discussed!

It has always been a taboo to discuss various aspects of mental health. In recent years, a much needed dialogue on mental health has started, at least on the virtual space, with an increasing number of celebrities speaking up about their own life experiences however there is a lot more which has to be said and discussed.  It is the time when everyone knows about depression, and more importantly what it is not.

Depression is not a state of mental well-being where you can choose to be in or be out of it. It is important to understand that just like other diseases; it is also an illness that can be cured with timely and proper therapy and medication. In most cases, there are evident physical symptoms such as noticeable fatigue, lack of sleep and lack of appetite.   It is not trivial; it is also not a first world “vogue”, and least of all, an attention seeking antic. Remember that nobody wants to be depressed, it is just beyond control.

It arrives without any notice

Yes, most people do not even know that they are suffering from depression. In most cases, it takes a person by feet and drops off in a dark abyss.  Even the best people, who you think, are living happy and contented life can suffer from it. People need to understand and believe that famous and rich people can also develop this condition.   First things first, it is not necessary that there has to be a reason to be depressed. Second, depression is one illness that shatters even the pone thing that might be the reason for you to live happily, makes you question your self-worth, clouds your mind with thoughts that are negative and unfortunately, even money cannot solve this problem.

Fighting it is more complex than a one-step cure.  It can be extremely insensitive to tell a depressed person to snap out of it. People need to understand that a depressed person cannot just snap out of the condition.  Not only does it takes weeks, months and years but also a will power to come out of this condition. Advices such as stop being depressed or stop feeling in a particular way are not only ignorant but also insensitive.

Each person is different so is the depression he or she is suffering from. While some people resort to eating and isolating them from the world to deal with growing corrosive hollowness, there are others who lose appetite and sleep. Some people fight the condition alone, there are others who need to be shown the right way. So, while giving advice, remember that what work best for one might not yield result for the other. There is no right and definite way to tackle depression.

Being depressed and sad is not the same thing. It is a condition in which a person loses the last ray of hope in front of eyes and is left alone in the world of darkness. It is a scary place with thoughts that can affect you to a great extent.